Corporate Character: How Leading Companies are Defining, Activating & Aligning Values

Corporate Character explores in depth a core component of the New Model for Enterprise Communications, which was first introduced in Building Belief (2012). Through surveys with 25 Fortune 50 companies, the Arthur W. Page Society developed key findings about how companies are defining, activating and aligning values in their organizations. The report lays out tested, pragmatic steps that CCOs and other leaders can take to translate their values into behavior and strategy and to shape culture, regardless of type or size of company.

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The CVS Health Case Study: A Test of Corporate Character May 5, 2015

The following blog post was authored by Maggie Christ, Renáta Sándor and Andrew Tonne, whose case study was awarded the Jack Koten Page Principles Case Study Award for their entry into the 2015 Case Study Competition in Corporate Communications. They...

Corporate Character Report
August 28, 2013
Corporate Character Report
Coffee & Courage: Starbucks Shows Why Corporate Character Matters June 15, 2015

The Page Model tells us that the CCO's role begins with defining, curating and instilling corporate character - the beliefs, the values, the culture, the purpose and the actions that define an enterprise. At the 2014 Page Society Annual Conference we...

Corporate Character in a Storm April 25, 2012

This week I am in Detroit where we have been joined by the 99% Spring for the GE shareowner meeting. This coalition is telling Americans that GE pays no taxes and that we are a reason why some people don’t have jobs or healthcare or economic equality...

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